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Lee-Anne Peters
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Welcome to the official Speed of Light Oracle website!!
I trust you enjoy browsing and using my newest deck of cards!
Well over 2yrs in the making it sure is exciting that my cards are on the last road to manifestation!!
You can pick a card for yourself further down on this page, and if you would LOVE to work with a deck yourself, you can find all the links and details on this page.
Thanks for flowing in!
~ Lee-Anne Peters

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Speed of Light Oracle are highly energetic hand-drawn cards that showcase unique illustrations and to-the-point guidance.

The Speed of Light Oracle can help you capture the bigger picture, to reach new heights, to empower, prompt an inner shift and to access your powerful intuition. This deck offers tools to help you be released from illusion and to align further with your authentic self.

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Take a deep breath and ask in your Spiritual Teachers to step forward and help you choose the perfect card that you require in this moment. When you are ready, trust your first impulses and click on the card! Please note; these cards are still in creation and may be enhanced slightly in the printed deck.  Cards changed about once a month.
Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle Speed of Light Oracle