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Speed of Light Oracle
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55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit!
Lee-Anne Peters
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About the cards
Speed of Light Oracle
55 Cards to help Expand your Spirit
Lee-Anne Peters
The Speed of Light Oracle can help you capture the bigger picture, to reach new heights, to empower, prompt an inner shift and to access your powerful intuition. This deck offers tools to help you release from illusion and to align further with your authentic self.
The 55 cards help you adjust to and understand the current energies around you and your life. This makes for a highly versatile and in-depth deck that accurately reaches to the core of any issue you may be working through.
Speed of Light Oracle cards are based around the law of attraction and art therapy - they will evolve with you and you will attract what you require. As you grow and deepen your connection with self - you may start to see a new depth within the cards as you both evolve together.
The strong shamanic stellar undertone to the deck offers a wonderful balance between high spiritual connections, and deep connection within the earth and self.
The deck as a whole naturally encourages the merging of heaven on earth - spirit with matter - or the embodiment of Universal energies within your body, mind, emotions and life. This in turn makes a dynamic and empowering deck that is highly practical and easy-to-use - yet also caters for you if you are experienced using cards.

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55 x cards
Size: 8.5cm x 11cm
80pg guidebook
Packaged in a Sacred Box
RRP: AU$24.95 + p&h