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Speed of Light Oracle
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55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit!
Lee-Anne Peters
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How the Cards Work!
Speed of Light Oracle cards are easy for anyone to use. You have a choice of using them as guided here or using them as guided by your intuition – you can also combine this guidebook with your intuition.

As you build more confidence with your intuition you may start to pull away from this guidebook and the card meanings shared here – please know this is okay.

This book is a guide only, so please do your best not to be limited by the words within here. When you honour your intuition and expand the meanings of the cards based on what you interpret yourself, you will also take the cards to new levels - for they are designed to evolve with you. So when you feel ready and you are familiar with the cards I suggest that you start to put the book aside and trust what you feel.

When you first start using this deck I recommend you get yourself familiar with the cards. Using as many of your senses as possible can help you start building a strong relationship with them: looking at them with your eyes and capturing every detail visually, also touching and noticing how they feel in your hands.

Heart connecting with the Speed of Light Oracle cards can be beautiful. Hold the deck in your hand and fan them out over your heart and ask:
“Dear Speed of Light Oracle Cards please help me recognise the honest messages and insights that you provide for my highest truth. I affirm that I will always remain open to your guidance and when others ask me to pull one or more of your cards for them, that the messages are as accurate and honest as possible. I ask that you help me remain a clear channel for your messages and that I lovingly allow you to evolve as I evolve. I hold you in the deepest respect always.”

More info within the accompanying guidebook that comes with the deck.

The Speed of Light Oracle Cards do reflect practically and directly with how you feel and what you require in the moment.
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