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55 cards to help Expand Your Spirit!
Lee-Anne Peters
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Featured Cards!
Within this deck of Speed of Light Oracle cards you will find nine 'featured cards.' These cards have an optional feature for you to take advantage of if you want more in depth guidance.
If you are only doing a short or quick reading and you don't have the extra time right there and then to explore the featured card then just look past that option.
If you would like to use it, then have fun with it.
As you are drawing the cards out for your reading spread, if one of the featured cards comes up, just continue laying out the main spread first. Then before you start reading the overturned cards add the extra card as specified by the feature. Sometimes you may have a few featured cards in a spread, and other times none.
Add the extra card with the featured card - placing it on top or to the lower side of the featured card. Ensure they are touching so you can connect their messages and look for the relationship between those cards.
Whatever your message is from the actual featured card, explore that deeper with the extra card drawn. What is the connection between those cards?
Have fun with this feature, and as you get to know the cards more and the way they work for you, you may like to take extra  advantage of this feature.

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