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INCLUDES: Black Panther & Whale Wisdom with a Dragon Ceremony!

Lee-Anne creates a powerful space of safety, healing and release during this six hour event. A balance of wisdom, meditation, drum journeying and ceremony this is a sacred day not to be missed! Lee-Anne is passionate about creating an experience for you, so you walk away with something to take out into your life - this is the Modern Shaman's way! A day for you - a day for healing!

Testimonial - “You teach from the heart and I am grateful.”  Michelle Angeloni

The day will be divided into three segments:
BLACK PANTHER – Powerful and protective, the black panther is a symbol of courage, the mother and the moon. It is known as a guardian, helps us understand the cycles of life, to face our fears and to live our dreams. Included in this segment will be a Shamanic drumming journey for healing and courage building.

WHALE – Represents our soul’s purpose, and finding the focus and courage to dive into it. Whale encourages us to open our creativity and communications. The Whale reminds us about navigating our path, the power of movement and exploring the depths of the unknown. This segment includes a creative activity, and a meditation (if time allows).

DRAGON – Is the symbol of transformation, longevity and infinite wisdom. In many traditions, the dragon is a fierce protector. He is a symbol of overcoming obstacles, courage, mastery and leadership. This segment includes an activity to step into our ‘dragon power’ and ends with a ceremony / celebration with the drums, music and embodying the energy from the day.

Your drums, rattles, ceremony tools are welcome.

Testimonial - “Thank you Lee-Anne and Cory for an awesome spiritual healing workshop filled with beautiful energies, synchronicity and confirmations. I feel so connected and know we will meet again.” Elizabeth Cobdon

Who is this event suited for?
This will be a great healing day for anyone with some interest in healing, self healing, personal healing, drumming, shamanic ways, nature, animals or with a curiosity to broaden their horizons. You will take this day as deeply as you like - you will be supported in the depth you wish to go.

Temple of Balance’s history with Shamanic Work
Lee-Anne began exploring her interest in Native Philosophy around the year 2000 when she started working closely with her spiritual guides and teachers. This interest led her to a local Shamanic Circle (lead by Cheryl Maddock - to contact Cheryl, please email - which opened her to this realm greatly. Lee-Anne has facilitated many meditation circles over the past seven years, has hosted national and online events, and the theme under all of these is her shamanic approach.

Known as a ‘modern shaman’ Lee-Anne honours and respects all, and mixes the traditional teachings she has learned into living in these modern times - thus allowing the wisdom of the teachings to expand and evolve.

In 2012 Lee-Anne released her fourth paperback book titled: ‘I Am Shaman.’ This books helps take the reader on a deep inner experience to return to their core. Learn more about this book here

Lee-Anne has also released many guided meditations with the drum - see mp3 list here

This event is held in a very safe and very intuitive environment. Lee-Anne has a lot of experience in group situations.

What to bring / what’s provided
Bring your lunch, pen, any tools / crystals you like to work with - drum. Provided is water, mints.

Teacher: Lee-Anne Peters – Learn more about Lee-Anne at
Support: Cory Peters

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10am - 4pm (doors open from 9.40am)

Everyone is welcome

Event questions / inquiries

- Black Panther & Whale Wisdom with a Dragon Ceremony -

Lee-Anne Peters

Next events to be announced.
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