Ascension Mastery Series Lee-Anne Peters
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“I would like to let people know that this is so much more than just a read…
When i first picked up the I Am Shaman, I heard the words "You are ready" and I thought to myself WOW… I also felt that it was going to be powerful…
right from the very first pages I was hooked, its an Amazing Journey and it Starts from the very beginning…
I experienced Healings on this amazing Journey on very deep Levels, the Meditations sent me off to Sleep where I continued to Heal in my Sleep, and awoke feeling Great the next morning, i actually felt like I had a much needed Spiritual Healing beyond words... I have NEVER read a book so powerful that it actually connects with you in spirit and takes you on one amazing, healing Journey with power Animals, a Powerful Shaman called Kakara and totally amazing Meditations
Lee-Anne Peters work totally Amazes me as she is one gifted Soul who has come to us to help us heal and believe we are special and we do matter and We are Shaman!!!
it didnt take me long to read the book as I read it every night before Sleep, I was actually Looking Forward to just getting into bed so that I could continue on this amazing Journey
I had Releases that were so very much needed and have helped me in amazing ways, I now know that I am Awakened, I have power and we have the ability to do what ever we want to do, each one of us is sacred and special…
I Am Shaman is Worth more than a price, so much more…
I Deeply Recommend you read this Book and Go on one Amazing Journey that will explain so much, open you up and Connect with you deeply as it did me…
I Am Shaman is one of the best Reads I have ever read, so go ahead read and go on one amazing Journey, you will not be disappointed, I will guarantee you that
Much Love” - Leanne Tomlinson

“I AM SHAMAN was an exciting journey to centre and discover my own sense of love and living. Being able to walk into the cave with the words resonating, calming and assisting my visualising, which lead me far deeper and down into the depths of the cave where the Shaman showed me my journey. The turtle and the eagle journeys were a delight in the challenges, protection and outcomes for my life. Wolf was also strengthening and protective. IAM being told to remember to take time for me - my struggles are now gone, there will always be challenges in Life, and my new journey has begun. People are their choices - IAM and always will be the IAM a place where the love that is the greatest power exists now, and pours Itself through me into the world healing in a practical and no nonsense way.

Thank you so much for sharing this experience Lee-Anne so we too may experience a journey of discovery and healing :) others fears no longer impact me, they are their fears.
IAM a Goddess, IAM a Woman, My heart is open and IAM love.

From my heart Thank you” ~ Ginni Marie

"I was lucky enough to receive this book already. Its truely amazing. It has a force beyond the words. It has the power to heal and change you. I highly recommend it!" B.Fry

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