Ascension Mastery Series Lee-Anne Peters
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The Warrior
Trailblazer of Truth
Lee-Anne Peters
Ascension Mastery Series PART III
The Warrior - Trailblazer of Truth
Ascension Mastery Series Part III
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Leading the way – where others dare not tread,
It’s my purpose to follow heart path not head.”

It’s time to drop the armour you carry that is limiting your growth, and instead find comfort in your gentle power as you are motivated and initiated into the warrior energy.
Come on this incredibly unique journey of inspiration and honesty as Temple of Balance founder and author Lee-Anne Peters guides you further into your self. The Warrior is the third book in the Ascension Mastery Series, and Lee-Anne’s thirteenth publication. She describes this book as - “my most liberating and awakening title to date.”
This is a book of intense growth, healing and at times confrontation. Through the greatest challenges come the most brilliant potentials for breakthrough!
The Warrior is not for the faint hearted or those wishing to merely skim the surface. It is in fact for those ready to dive deeply into themselves, to live authentically and to stand tall as The Warrior that they are!

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