Ascension Mastery Series Lee-Anne Peters
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About the Series
Ascension Mastery Series RUNDOWN!!
Book 1 - I AM SHAMAN (out now) - this book will help you let go, allow flow and connect into the core essence that is you. This book is very EARTH based and is the foundation for Ascension Mastery.
Book 2 - I AM GODDESS (out now) - this book is more in line with the emotions and coming out of your shell. The SHAMAN helped us create solid foundations and experience deep healing. The GODDESS helps us heal emotionally, creatively and sexually. It's time to shine through self love and self acceptance. This book is more WATER based.
Book 3 - THE WARRIOR (order now) - A book that expands from the foundations created in the other two, that takes us directly to our TRUTH. We explore illusion, separation and who the heck we are! This book is AIR based and is essential in the Ascension Mastery journey!
Book 4 - THE ALCHEMIST (out in mid 2016 - This book aligns us with that Master Creator that we are within. With the balance and solid foundations created through the SHAMAN, the balance of emotions created through the GODDESS and the access to truth created through the WARRIOR, the ALCHEMIST emerges. This book oozes out manifestation, abundance and purity. This book is FIRE based and will see much progression on our journey.
Book 5 - THE SHAPESHIFTER - is about UNITY and bringing all of these energies together as ONE.
This series came to me so clearly and I have pages and pages of notes on it all. I have lived and am living through each aspect during this journey of creating. I have been shown this series as a movie at some point and I KNOW this is so needed and right for NOW ♥
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