Ascension Mastery Series Lee-Anne Peters
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Get up close and personal with Lee-Anne as she shares intimate healing experiences and journeys through this Ascension Mastery Series with you!
The Ascension Mastery Series consists of FIVE books that will evolve over the next Five or so years. As we journey through different realms and archetypes to inspire our own healing and spiritual journey, we become the masters of our life, the creators of our existence.
This Empowering and Practical book series is written by Lee-Anne Peters; Author of six paperbacks - including Temple of Balance the book and From Lack to Abundance
The Ascension Mastery Series of books will bring the reader into their own journey.
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Part III Part II
Ascension Mastery Series   PART III
The Warrior - trailblazer of truth
Pre orders open
Launch date coming in August 2015
Pre orders for Part 3 are Now Open
Part I
Ascension Mastery Series   PART I
I Am Shaman - Let go and allow flow!!
Available Now!
Ascension Mastery Series   PART II
I Am Goddess - It’s time to shine!
Available Now!